Investor Relations Policy

The goal of this Policy is to ensure that, in consonance with all policies, Nucleus continues to maximize Shareholders' Value. The Investor Relations (IR) function at Nucleus aims to provide all our shareholders, potential investors, analysts, researchers and IR audiences, with timely and relevant information on our management policies, business strategies and earnings, in a simple, fair, and accurate manner, to enhance understanding of our operations and help build confidence in Nucleus.

Modes of Dissemination of Relevant Information

  • Communication at Nucleus goes far beyond the statutory disclosures and reporting norms. Voluntarily, the company adopts global best practices.
  • The principal document for providing corporate information is the Company's Annual Report. In addition quarterly results and press releases provide regular updates.
  • Additionally Nucleus makes Investor Presentations in road shows, one-on-one meetings, group meetings, conference calls and other seminars/conferences.

Every quarter end, the senior management of Nucleus, including the CEO and the MD, participate in an Earnings conference call, after the announcement of the results. This conference call is typically held on the day of the announcement of the results or the immediate following working day in India. The IR Department regularly updates information on the Company's website. Investors can also register for email alerts (details available on the website). The audio version as well as the transcript of the conference call is made available on the Company's website.

There is a dedicated Investors link on the company's website

Guidance on Future Results
The Company follows a policy of not providing guidance on future financial results.

Silent Period
Following the best practices of Corporate Governance, the Company observes a 'Silent Period' prior to its earnings release every quarter. The silent period starts from the last day of each quarter and continues until the declaration of the results for that quarter.

During this period, the Company and its employees refrain from making any comments to the shareholders, investors, analysts and media about the Company's business prospects, financial results or projections.

However, if there is any incident that arises during the silent period which requires mandatory disclosure, the Company discloses the information according to the disclosure regulations.

The practice of the silent period does not prohibit the Company and its representatives from any press conference and public dissemination of information.

Changes & Modifications
This policy can be altered or modified at the discretion of the Management of the Company.